We, The Mothers…

Although Mother’s Day has passed. I still feel like celebrating the beauty of womanhood. Women mother. In my opinion, you don’t have to bring forth a child from your body physically to mother. Mothering comes in so many forms. Anyone who tuned into GirlTrek’s FB Live’s conversation with Angela Davis and Nikki Giovanni on Friday night felt the awe inspiring presence of mother. And if you took part in the uplifting vibes of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu’s Verzus on IG Live on Saturday evening, you felt the beauty of the mother connection. Or if you floated away with hope after watching Michelle Obama’s Becoming on Netflix, you’ll understand the virtual hug that I pray this brings you.

In honor of this sacred space that should be acknowledged and appreciated everyday, I am sharing a poem that I wrote 3 years ago about motherhood. My Mom asked that I read it at a Mother’s Day Brunch in 2017, and so much love was exchanged in that room. We have a resilence that shines through in the darkest of times. I witness it daily from my tribe(s) of women who show up in my life with support, love and encouragement. There was a time in my motherhood journey where I felt invisible and overlooked. Nikki Giovanni said something that resonated with my spirit,  I was looking for the “wrong audience” to see me. I have grown past that feeling of invisibility since writing this poem but hearing her words allowed me to reflect and identify the root of that. I was always seen by the right audience. And that love, the love I feel surrounded by and protected within, is a treasure. And for those women who feel alone and/or find themselves waiting to be seen. I value you. I believe in you. I will be your audience.


Tiffany Reneé