Poetry Books

“OPEN LETTER” by Tiffany Reneé

“Open Letter” takes you through self-discovery, self-acceptance, and learning to submit to love without losing yourself in the process. It is a poetry book that is meant to encourage and inspire. It is a collection of “love letters” that will take you through a roller coaster of emotions. At one moment you may laugh, the next you may be grabbing for a tissue. “Open Letter” is a book that all can relate to because essentially, it’s about love.


“Flowers At My Doorstep” is essentially about loving yourself and navigating the journey of love. Dating and relationships can take you through an array of emotions. You will experience sweet moments, sit confused by mixed signals, and stunned by extreme heartache. The key to love is knowing and loving yourself. These poems will take you on an emotional ride through the complexity and beauty of love.