Love Notes & Sunshine is essentially about living a life that you love. Being your best self. When we are able to tap into life’s joy and embrace every moment with truth and an open heart, we in turn can share our light and happiness with others. When we choose to love and accept ourselves, a new world opens. It becomes less about how we are viewed from the outside, and more about the empowerment that we have within. We often get lost in others’ definitions of who we are and forget that we actually hold the power to say who we are. We hold the power to define and create a life that reflects fulfillment.

I read something a while ago that seems so simple, yet it’s extremely impactful- it stated: “Make a list of things that make you happy. Make a list of things you do every day. Compare the Lists. Adjust Accordingly.”

In life, we have to take personal assessments on a regular basis. Take the time to check in with ourselves, look in the mirror, and face our truths. Align our everyday choices with our goals. Our happiness. Our peace. When necessary, make the proper adjustments. 

Love Notes Notes & Sunshine’s intention is to empower & inspire women to live freely, fully and create a life that they love through meaningful content and conversation.


Tiffany Reneé

About Tiffany Reneé

Tiffany Reneé is a writer, poet, and activist based in New York. She is a free spirit who loves to truly connect with others. She believes that life gives us opportunities to learn and grow daily if we are open to seeing the beauty in the expansion. Family time, deep conversation, wine, cooking, music, laughter, and travel are a few of her favorite things. She’s a soulful dreamer from the Midwest who has always been drawn to the city lights and the possibilities that exist in choosing “more” of what allows you to live a life that you love.